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Let’s Focus on What Unites Us!

It may be time to take a lesson from the Democrats. What does an anti-war protestor, a UAW member, a gay rights activist and an “open border” immigration advocate all have in common?

They may not agree with each other or even like each other but they all believe the Democrat mantra that big government is the only way to solve their problems, that big government spending and the raising of taxes on somebody else will create the utopia they dream of.

In contrast, what principles are at the core of Republican beliefs? Less government that does for the people only those things that they cannot do for themselves; trust in the American peoples’ ability to spend their money better than the government can and will; personal freedom including the right to fail as well as to succeed, and an undying belief in capitalism and the free market system where ingenuity and success are rewarded not punished.

Stop a minute and think where we might have been if the national Republican Party leadership had truly adhered to those core beliefs over the last several years.

You need look no further than Sumter County where taxes have decreased while government has become more efficient and services have improved. Thanks to One Sumter, we have a voice in electing all of our officials, they serve all of the people, there are no “ear marks” or special projects in the Sumter County’s budget.

Most of us either attended or read about the April 15th Tea Parties. Their message was neither Republican nor Democrat but universal, we are being taxed too much and overrun by big government that refuses to trust the American people and thinks that only Washington has the answers.

Let’s stick to the principles that unite us as Republicans and Americans and demand that our candidates and leaders do the same.

The Villages Republican Club
of Sumter County
President: Rich Cole
Vice-President: Bill Hawkins
Secretary: Joan Morrill
Treasurer: Ed Nowe

Regular meetings: Fourth Thursday of the month at the Savannah Center, 1545 Buena Vista Boulevard, The Villages, Fl 32159 (352) 750-6084

Club meetings are open to all Republicans and Independents in the Villages including full time residents and seasonal visitors. Club membership is not required to attend. Come and be our guest.

For more information, please contact Rich Cole 352 753-2055.